More and more online marketers and business owners are seeing the light and recognising the tremendous benefits of incorporating multimedia into their online marketing strategy. It’s a proven fact that multimedia more easily and effectively captivates your audience and grab’s the attention of your prospects, visitors, subscribers and customers. Time and time again research has shown that using multimedia in the form of video and/or audio advertisements increases conversation rates, buy rates as well as subscription rates for a product or service.

If studies consistently show the advantage of incorporating multimedia into your online marketing campaign, then those who have not yet added multimedia to their advertising need to seriously rethink and reinvent their marketing strategy.

“As traditional banner ads continue to decline in their effectiveness…leading companies..[will turn] to streaming media to juice up their online advertising. These initial trials are just the beginning of what industry experts believe will be a huge market…Streaming media has a 70% response rate for content, a 60% response rate for advertising information, and a 49% “buy” rate for online merchandise. (Source: Hostcentric Streaming Media: Industry Outlook).”

When you look at the above statistics put together by leading authorities, can you really afford not to jump at the chance to use Multimedia as an advertising strategy?

Look at it this way, without Video and/or Audio your site appears static to the visitor and after seeing hundreds of these types of sites, your customer becomes desensitized which is why sales conversion rates have systematically dropped over the last couple of years all over the Internet.

Think about it…you can convince your prospect to buy your product or service or subscribe to your ezine or newsletter much more easily with a 3 minute video as opposed to a long winded sales page that doesn’t convey your passion for your product, service or publication. The human voice has the power to influence, motivate, and persuade prospects to take action with much less resistence and reluctance.

These days there are scams all over the Internet and as a result people are very sceptical of many sites and ultimately the “online” business owners behind these websites. By using multimedia in the form of video and audio messages, you leave visitors with the impression that you are a real business and someone they CAN trust.

By using multimedia, you can also communicate better with people, specifically prospective customers, allowing you to get your point across much easier which all leads to one end result- MORE SALES!

There are many others benefits to speak of which include the following:

1. Explain selling-points much more easily and clearly to captivate your potential buyer.

2. Describe your product or service and the benefits of using it clearly and concisely.

3. Video and Audio conveys PROFESSIONALISM and most importantly it provides you with something that is essential in any business- CREDIBILITY. With credibility, you can sell more of your product or service, build that sacred opt-in list much more quickly and convince visitors to click on a link to an affiliate program you are advertising.

Therefore, as an increasing number of online business owners and marketers recognize the competitive advantages of multimedia and its power as a communication vehicle, multimedia content will become an integral part of the web experience.

Again, the question asked is “Why do I need Video and Audio on my Website?”

The simple answer: Multimedia is quickly becoming a necessity to the sustainability and future of online businesses. Very soon, all online business owners and marketers without exception will need to incorporate multimedia into their marketing strategies to maintain the continued existence of their online presence.

Do advertisers on TV try to sell you their products and services by using written text?