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Google Places has now been merged with Google+ Pages

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Google have now merged their Google+ pages with Google Places

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The Benefits of Having Your Business Listed With Google+ 

Local paper directories are now dead; approximately 80% of the individual’s who used to search in paper directories are now searching for businesses online. Statistics show that more than 97% of the consumers search for local businesses online before going for shopping. This makes online listing the best directory for your business. There are many websites ready to host you for free, but only Google Places stands out because of its services.

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What is Google Places?

Launched in 2010 by Google, Google Places is a very effective means for businesses to cement their online presence beyond their business website. Google Places is a free web page which assembles all your business essentials including your location and reviews among other facts. Google Places is one of the biggest online business directories.

Normally, Google compiles business information from public sources and create a business listing for all businesses. With Google Places, you do not have to request this service, it is done for you. This means that your business might already be listed in Google’s listing. Since the business information in your listing is from a 3rd party, chances are also that it might be incorrect, so it is crucial that you claim your business listing and correct the information and build your page.

Benefits of Listing Your Business in Google Places

In October, 2010, Google revolutionized their online business directory by mixing their organic ranking results with their already existing Google map listing to make it easy for consumers to find the exact businesses they are looking for. This made it possible for individuals to find the businesses closest to their location.

The search results displayed on the result pages on Google search engine for organically listed websites always display the title of the website and a very short outline of the website. But if your business is listed in Google Places, then more information is displayed. The details displayed are the exact details the searcher is looking for; this includes a local address and phone number. This might end up with the potential client calling you instead of clicking in your webpage.

The listing by Google allows the business owner to manage what is seen by his/her potential clients. The business owner can add photos and online videos which reflect exactly how their business works. He/she can also inform his clients about their opening hours and much more. In addition, you can display coupons and various promotions managed by your business.

With Google Places, the business owner can ask their clients to write reviews about the business. Even better, you can comment on other people comments about your business. These reviews can be viewed by potential customers and increase the chances of him/her visiting your business premises.

According to Google, any business with a Google Places page stands out from its competitors. Businesses with Google Places always show up on the first two pages of every search results and at times at the top of the first page.

With Google Places, you get an insight on your business listing traffic. This includes the number of times your listing showed up in searches and also the number of times people clicked on “for more info”.

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